Our address:
109028, Moscow,
B. Trechsvyatelskiy per., h.1-3/12,building 8, office 332.
Company Limited “Students innovative-scientific center”
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact phones:
+7(495)916-88-80 – General manager
+7(495)916-88-71 – Chief accountant

Location map:
By public conveyances:
The easiest way to reach us is to take any tram from subway station 'Chistyi Prudy'. The third stop, 50 meters along tram ways, turn to the right, 50 meters more. Big grey building of Moscow institute of electronics and mathematics (technical university). – See location map.
By car:
If you drive along Pokrovskiy boulevard, towards Yauzskiy boulevard, pass the turn to B. Trechsvyatelskiy per. and turn right. Pass M. Trechsvyatelskiy per. and turn right to Podkopauevskiy per. right once again to B. Trechsvyatelskiy per. Enter. Go upstairs along left stairs. Reach second floor. Turn to the left, office 332.
How to reach us from subway station station Chistyi Prudy:
How to reach us from subway Kitai-gorod:

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