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Company Limited “Students innovative-scientific center”


Students innovative-scientific center was formed in 2007 year on the base of MIEM’s special design bureau (SDB) for carrying out scientific researches and engineering works made by students, candidates for a master degree and postgraduate students of Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (technical university).

The basis business line of “SINC” Co. Ltd

  • Scientific research  and engineering  in the area of natural science and technical science
  • Scientific research  and engineering  in the area of human science and social science
  • Carrying  out scientific researches  and engineering works
  • Creation and usage of Database and information sources
  • Data management
  • Forming and realization of  Database
  • Software development
  • Data handling
  • Researching, designing and installation of corporative informational  systems
  • Researching, development, assembly  and installation of hardware and software complex
  • Designing, assembly and adjustment of network equipment
  • Designingand realization of methods of tutorial and courses
  • Certification of products  and services
  • Organization and holding  conferences and seminars
  • Advertisement, representative service
  • Editorial and publishing activities

“SINC” Co. Ltd is a continuous participant of science forums and exhibitions of science intensive production, on which developments of “SINC” Co. Ltd were marked by medals and diplomas.